National Powwow Advisory Board

The purpose of the National Powwow Advisory Board is to provide continuity to assure that National Powwows are conducted on a regular basis and that traditions and good feelings associated with the event remain consistent.

The Advisory Board is a voluntary board comprised of individuals with background, experience and knowledge in conducting the National Powwows and similar events. Regional hobbyist groups will be represented on the Advisory Board as well.

The Board shall:

  1. Select the next National Powwow Chairman. The announcement should ideally occur at the preceding National Powwow.
  2. Provide advice and counsel to the National Powwow Chairman during his or her three year tenure.
  3. Provide advice and consent to the selection of the site for the event.
  4. Be a sounding board during the planning phase of the National Powwow.
  5. Promote the event.

The 2017 NPW Board Members are:

  • Chris Bryant,
  • Susan Yeldell
  • Lance Harris,
  • Jeff Brewer
  • Greg Boone
  • Craig Jones
  • Don Walske
  • Jason Skinner

The 2017 NPW Advisory Committee consists of:

  • C. Scott Evans, Chairman
  • Peter Durkin
  • Ford Griggs
  • Jack Heriard
  • Ray Kappmeyer
  • Mike Kostelnik
  • Rosetta Leclair
  • Byron Loehman
  • Ed Lafave
  • Tim Monaghan
  • Tom Parker
  • Rex Reddick
  • Sandy Rhoades
  • Jerry Smith
  • Don Walske
  • Susan Yeldell
  • Craig Jones
  • Barb Graf
  • Izzy Umsheid
  • Chris Bryant

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