Powwow Etiquette

  • Don’t be afraid to make new friends and have fun!! Shake hands with all the people you meet. There are people here from all over the country so get to know as many as possible on a first name basis.
  • The benches are reserved for dancers. Please do not sit on blankets that are not yours without permission.
  • Please be dressed and ready on time for Gourd Dances and Grand Entry.
  • Please stand for the Grand Entry, opening prayers, flag song, memorial & honor songs.
  • Do not begin dancing a set until the head dancers start the set.
  • Never sit at the drum unless you have been invited by the head singer
  • Guest drums should check in with the Arena Director before setting up.
  • Appropriate dress is required in the arena. If you are not in regalia, long pants, skirt and dress type shirts are preferred. Short pants, halter tops, bare feet, hats and muscle shirts are not acceptable attire.
  • During the powwow, the MC will be making announcements which need to be heard by all dancers and visitors. Please pay attention during these announcements.
  • If you have lost or found something INSIDE the arena, contact the MC’s stand. If you have lost or found items OUTSIDE the arena, please check in with Lost and Found at the NPW Office.
  • Tipis are private camps, so please treat them as such. Always ask permission before entering any lodge and never enter when the owner is not present, unless the tipi is marked for “display”.
  • Please respect the camping areas by not cutting through campsites.
  • Please, no ground fires in the camping areas.
  • Spectators may join in the Round Dances, or at other times as the MC directs.
  • Please place trash in appropriate containers. PLEASE RECYCLE!!!
  • The Hendricks County Fairgrounds is ALCOHOL FREE!!! No alcohol or drugs are allowed on the grounds.
  • All Specials and Give-aways must be coordinated with the Arena Directors. Please make arrangements for specials prior to the dance, as our schedule is very full.
  • There will be no blanket dances other than those requested by the Committee.
  • National Powwow is a non-profit event. Donations, sponsorships and gifts in kind are welcome and greatly appreciated to help make the powwow successful. Please purchase raffle tickets and programs to support the event.

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