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I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all princess candidates for National Powwow XVIII. This page will give you all of the requirements and the application for entry. Going through this process will be fun as well as give you the opportunity to learn more about yourself and teach you how to showcase your skills. If you should be chosen as the National Powwow XVIII Princess, you will be committing to representing National Powwow for the next 3 years. Please read through the requirements and application process carefully and make sure this is something you can commit to. It will not be easy and will require discipline and effort on your part, but the rewards will be great. I look forward to meeting you and working with you through this process. Best of luck to all candidates!

General Requirements

The National Powwow Princess must:

  • Be 13-18 years old at the time of election.
  • Be currently enrolled in school or have graduated from high school.
  • Not have been married or have children.
  • Be committed to attending both the National Powwow at which she is elected and when passing her crown.
  • Possess an extensive knowledge of powwow etiquette and protocols.
  • Own or have access to regalia.
  • Not currently hold another crown for any other powwow organization.
  • Demonstrate family and community support. Parents/guardians will be expected to provide transportation and accompany the princess to powwows and events throughout the three years as a representative of National Powwow.

Princess Responsibilities

As National Powwow Princess you will be expected to:

  • Perform duties and obligations while upholding the highest standards of leadership and community involvement, as well as serving as a positive role model to younger people.
  • Participate fully in the current and upcoming National Powwow by dancing all grand entries and intertribals, and act as an ambassador of the organization at other powwows during the interim period between dances.
  • Attend and represent the organization at a minimum of 4 (four) additional powwows during each year of her reign.
  • Wear dance regalia for the entirety of the National Powwow program where dancing is required, and at other events deemed necessary by the powwow committee.
  • Be responsible for the care, maintenance, and safekeeping of the National Powwow Princess crown throughout her reign.
  • Inform the committee if she cannot continue to uphold her responsibilities during her reign so that the runner-up candidate can assume her responsibilities as Princess.

Selection Process

The National Powwow Princess will be chosen through a two-part process, each counting as a percentage of her total score, involving 1. Committee selection through a dance and interview process, and 2. Election open to all National Powwow participants.


Each candidate is required to submit an application announcing her intention to run by the start of the dance session on Thursday night of National Powwow. Applications should be turned in by hand to the Princess committee chair. No applications will be accepted after the start of Grand Entry on Thursday.

Committee Selection

65% of each candidate’s score will be based on the selection by the Princess committee. The committee will be chosen by the Princess committee chair, based on each member’s knowledge of the role and responsibilities of a princess. All reasonable efforts will be made to avoid a conflict of interest. A point system will be used for each member of the committee to evaluate each candidate’s dancing skills and ability to fulfill her obligation. A Princess candidates’ dance will be held during the Friday night dance session. Participation is required. Interviews will be arranged with the Princess selection committee for each candidate during the morning/early afternoon on Saturday.


35% of each candidate’s score will be determined by an election open to all National Powwow participants. Immediately following the Princess candidates’ dance on Thursday night, open voting will begin. Votes may be cast for each princess by donating a dollar into her ballot box.  A portion of the money collected through this process will be used to purchase/make the sash and shawl for the elected Princess and offset any other expenses for the princess contest at the discretion of the committee. The remainder will be donated to a Native American charity (must be a recognized non- profit) of the elected Princess’s choice in her name on behalf of National Powwow.


The successful Princess candidate will be announced and crowned during the Saturday night dance session at National Powwow.

Inability to Perform

Should the crowned Princess become unable, unwilling, or ineligible to fulfill her duties as Princess during her reign, she must immediately notify the Princess committee so that the runner-up may be crowned in her stead.

2023 National Powwow XVIII Princess Application

Please complete the National Powwow Princess Application here

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